Monday, December 29, 2008

Rum Raisin

Real chill mix of classic reggae and dancehall tunes. This was actually recorded years ago from all 45's. I completely forgot about this mix until recently a friend found it on various sites and blogs that ended up putting it online years ago. I had no idea...I ain't mad at all though...

(On the CD cover - Jamaica's legendary Devon House)

"Rum Raisin"


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(Artist - Title - Label)

01. Norma Frazier "First Cut is the Deepest" (Studio One)
02. Singing Sweet "When I See You Smile" (Colin Fat)
03. Supercat "Boops" (Techniques)
04. Jigsy King "Gimme Di Weed" (Roof International)
05. Cobra "Tek Him" (Digital-B )
06. Buju Banton "Good Looking Gal" (Digital-B )
07. Shabba Ranks "Shine & Criss" (Shang Muzik)
08. Worky Workie/Yami Bolo "One Blood" (J.R. Productions)
09. Super Beagle "Dust A Sound Boy" (Techniques)
10. Jigsy King "As it Dun Load it Back" (Techniques)
11. Tenor Saw "Ring the Alarm" (VP)
12. Sister Nancy "Bam Bam" (VP)
13. Foxy Brown "Sorry" (VP)
14. Dawn Penn "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" (VP)
15. Wayne Wonder "Saddest Day" (VP)
16. Gregory Isaacs "Night Nurse" (African Museum)
17. Cobra "Flex" (Shang Muzik)
18. Buju Banton "Boom By-By" (Shang Muzik)
19. Frighty & Colonel Mite "Life (Is What You Make It)" (Mogul)
20. Tanya Stephens "Handle the Ride" (Digital-B )
21. Dave Kelly "Joyride" (Version/Instrumental) (Madhouse)
22. Lady Saw "Sycamore Tree" (Madhouse)
23. Spragga Benz "Hunting" (Madhouse)
24. Frisco Kid "Rubbers" (Madhouse)
25. Tanya Stephens "Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet" (Madhouse)
26. Dirtsman "Hot Dis Year" (Digital-B )
27. Capleton "Cold Blooded Murderer" (Black Scorpio)
28. Supercat "Trash and Ready" (Jammy$)
29. Wayne Smith "Under Mi Sleng Teng" (Jimmy$)
30. Johnny Osbourne "Budy Bye" (Jammy$)
31. Shabba Ranks "Roots & Culture" (Digital-B )